Pillow Top Mattresses

The pillow top mattress adds an extra layer of comfort for the person who likes a more plush comfort.  However, you must remember that not all pillow tops are created equal.  A pillow top mattress should have at it's core a complete mattress that would be a good sleeping surface if no pillow top panels were added.  It is possible to sew a mattress in a way that makes it look like a pillow top, but is a cheap imitation.  Jordan Pillow Top mattresses come in three different comfort levels, the Pillow Comfort, the Ultra Pillow Comfort and the Royal Heirloom Pillow Comfort.  Each mattress provides firm support but adds an extra top layer of plush comfort in the pillow top.  Also our pillow top mattresses come two sided, meaning that there is a pillow top on both sides of the mattress.  This mattress can be completely flipped over to add to durability.  To learn more about the benefits of two sided mattresses please visit our Mattresses 101 page.  Click on picture or caption below to learn more about specifications and pricing of each mattress.